The purest form of madness is to leave everything as it is and still hope that something will change.
(Albert Einstein)

The swiss way of coaching – «Family, Business and I»


To balance children, a relationsip, business, etc. is a challenge that, unfortunately, pushes many people to their personal limits on a daily basis.

Rahel immigrated to the United States of America, managed a challenging job and her family. Wonder Woman? No. It is about organization, space, the personal way of thinking and energy. Anyone can learn that.

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Providing excellence. Every day. Using know-how, network and tactics. A lot of people do not like their job. They secretly dream about a change. However, each change requires courage and a plan.

Workplace bullying, stress, pressure and Co. are a burden for many in business. Do something good for yourself and analyze your situation.

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and I

We’ve learned that we have to be there for everyone. Problems at the company and family life challenges have to be mastered. Then there are associations, networks and organizations that require our attention.

And what often falls by the wayside is: Yourself. Often you hear in coaching: «All I’ve done is give.» But you can only pass on and radiate what you, yourself, posses. Inner peace, security and inner happiness. Success, money, and love. If you are not feeling it yourself, then you will not be able to pass it on.

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About me


Rahel Koller

Professional Coach, MBA

I have hand-on experience on how to change a lot in life. To set new priorities. The challenge is to balance business, family (children, husband, friends, etc.) without neglecting yourself. To approach new situations with courage and achieve goals full of determination. I have experienced that on several occasions throughout my life. Life management is my strength – and the strategies do not only work on myself.

If you want to make a change in your life, need new inputs and an outside perspective – I am your coach. Or someone who will hold up a mirror for you. I am challenging and motivating you to implement your next steps.

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Life- und Business-Coaching in Charlotte (North Carolina)

Whether it is business coaching of life coaching of individuals, Rahel Koller would love to work with you. She supports you as a business coach (professional coach, MBA) if you have to balance many «things» at once. If you would like to  manage balancing the three columns (family, business and personality).

Rahel recognizes your full potential and stands up for you with by applying analytical understanding, empathy and a good dose of humor. Because in addition to courage, changes also require a plan.

Contact Rahel Koller. And work on your plan to become happier, more sucessful, calmer and more confident.

Why business coaching is crucial.

Who will give you true and unbiased feedback nowadays? Where can you talk about your concerns, the pressure you feel and your desire for change?

We can read it in biographies of successful people again and again: A coach, a mentor is the shortcut to personal sovereignty. To crucial insights. And with that, the shortcut to a harmonious and happier life. Does that sound corny? But it isn’t. If you can experience it yourself – just the way I did – how it feels to get that tremendous weight off your shoulders, you will never want to live any other way.

I am coaching for experience. Because I want to see more truly happy people.

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The Swiss way of Coaching –
Life- and Business-Coaching in Charlotte
(North Carolina)