Rahel Koller


Rahel Koller

Professional Coach, MBA

Coaching fascinates me and has been part of my life for a long time. On my life’s journey I’ve always had good trainers, mentors, teachers and coaches who have helped me in my personal and professional career.

At an early age, my parents were my role models and «coaches». During my team handball sports career I had trainers, who believed in me, motivated me and pushed me to my limits. After my academic studies, a professional coach gave me a push in the right direction and pointed me to my first dream job. Even during my professional career, again and again, I received informative inputs that helped me to take the next step.

When the decision was made in 2012 to emmigrate with my husband from Switzerland to Charlotte, North Carolina, I was encouraged and motivated by my supervisor at that time to become active and create a new job position for myself, which was not dependent on a location. And even when my first child was born, I had coaches who motivated me to rethink.

It is possible to be a good mother and to successfully restart a career, while not putting yourself on a backburner. All these mentors, trainers and people, who are motivating and supporting me on my life’s journey are a big part of the fact where I am standing in my life today.

Often, it is the little things in our lives that make a big difference. Do not let them slip through your fingers! I am happy to help you to discover these things, to think «outside the box» and to motivate you to take the next steps.

I graduated with a MBA (Master of Business Administration) with a minor in «Coaching» at the Queens University of Charlotte. The coaching training gave me the insight into coaching practice for individual and group sessions as well as additional coaching skills, which I was able to deepen.

In addition to coaching, I am working as a Senior Project Manager at one of the world’s leading biotech companies. I have years of international experience and work with people from more than 40 countries in different process improvement projects and I am optimizing work procedures.

I am originally from Switzerland, and have moved with my husband to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2012. I spend a lot of time with my family. I love traveling, experiencing other cultures, exercising and be around exciting people.

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